Julia Hitrykh

Co-founder of the center Rossinca, director of the after-school program and Russian language teacher

Julia has received several higher education diplomas, including a teaching degree from Moscow State Pedagogical University, a master’s degree for the business program the University of Vermont in the U.S., as well as other degrees in the areas of business and education. She has more than 18 years of experience in administrative and education fields. After university, Julia worked in an experimental school under the supervision of famous teacher, V. V. Davidov, whose innovative system of developmental education is used widely by educators such as Julia and other staff of the center. Julia is always looking for new author’s programs, selecting the best ideas and methods for raising and educating children. These help find the unique talent that each child possesses and the ways in which to develop it. This is an important undertaking, one which requires time and the collaboration of teachers and parents. Julia is confident that the satisfaction one receives from the result of such work – seeing children discover something new, acquire a new skill, mature, learn how to make the right decisions – is worth the effort. And the academic and athletic accomplishments of her own 10 year old son are the best confirmations. Julia has been working in the educational center Rossinca since its establishment in 2011. Here, she got the opportunity to do work that is important and meaningful – to save the Russian language and culture through our children, to show initiative and to make her own ideas come to life. The success of her students and encouragement from parents and colleagues give Julia energy and strength.