Choral singing is the foundation of musical culture for the Russian people. Every person has the natural ability to sing, and the voice is the oldest and the most accessible of all other musical instruments. Through singing, a person expresses his/her feelings, thoughts, and worldview. Choral singing is not only a form of art, but it remains the most widely available and popular means of musical education and development. Practically every child has the sufficient natural vocal ability and pitch necessary to learn to sing properly. Choral singing is based on cooperation and mutual support, such teamwork helps children relax and open up.

During choir lessons, the children will learn several important skills that are found exclusively in choral singing:

  • Mastery of one’s vocal competency and breathing through a series of special techniques.
  • Acquisition of basic musical literacy through solfeggio exercises (ability to sight-read notes).
  • Developing and improving one’s respiratory system and blood circulation; exercising and strengthening of one’s larynx muscles; and improving and perfecting one’s musical hearing (pitch) and voice box.
  • The varied repertoire will introduce students to the best of choral music: classical, Russian folk, and traditional ethnic music; this repertoire will broaden their horizons.
  • Teamwork and concert performances build self-esteem.
  • Working on one’s musical pitch and voice positively affects speech development, which is the foundation of one’s ability to present thought. Children who sing in a choir and take music lessons do better in school and are more creative and sociable.