The program “Mommy and me” is a set of developmental exercises for children ages 1 to 5 years old. It is directed towards the physical and social development of a child: coordinated movements, sense of rhythm, sensory abilities, fine and gross motor skills, attention, memory, logic and thought process. The exercises are performed with the mother in a comfortable, familiar environment for the child. A calm and friendly atmosphere helps the children feel self-assured and allows the opportunity to reach the full potential of every child.

The main goal of the program is to promote emotional and educational development (logic, attention, memory, thought process), artistic skills (modeling, applique, drawing, construction), fine and gross motor skills, speech, musical listening, rhythm.

In the process, each child is introduced to social norms and rules, learns to communicate with his or her peers, and understands how to interact with instructors. All this will help the child easily adapt to different situations, such as beginning kindergarten.

The program “Mommy and me” consists of several different types of exercises. You can choose and combine any number of these exercises to fit the interests and abilities of your child.

“Poznavaika” – (Elena Supryadkina) set of developmental exercises for children ages 1 to 3 years old, performed in groups of 5-6 people. Includes:

Main section (40-45 minutes) – games for the development of speech, thought, attention and memory; introduction to traditional Russian stories and nursery rhymes; musical exercises; motor skills development, movement coordination, fine motor skills, communication skills; creativity (drawing, modeling, applique); games with various materials; finger gymnastics; introduction to letters and numbers.

Independent activities (15-20 minutes) – games, socializing in classroom

“Creative Workshop ‘With Hedgehog’” (Elena Supryadkina) Inviting all kids to a lesson of decorative art. Interesting projects, introduction to various materials and their artistic application await you!

Length of lesson – 45 minutes

“Logorithmika” – (Evgeniya Krasnova) This consists of dances and games with imitated moves, songs with onomatopoeias. Singing-dancing activities help in the development of children’s attention, memory, rhythm, coordination of movements and words, orientation in space, imagination, fine and gross motor skills, expressiveness of movements and speech. The lessons become educational games with the help of advanced learning materials, approachability of the subject and playful form.

Length of lesson – 30 minutes

“Sing-a-long” – (Galina Melnikova) A musical lesson with live accompaniment and elements of both games and dance. We will combine all types of musical activities. The children will move to the music, sing, listen and play musical noise instruments.

Length of lesson -30 minutes

“The magical world of fairytales” – (Nataliya Bondar) Developmental exercises for children ages 2 to 4 years old. Lessons include: fairytales/stories (seasonal or themed) with dolls (finger, hand and larger puppets), finger games, nursery rhymes/tongue-twisters, breathing exercises, “games with music” – with movement and singing, rhythmical exercises and use of instruments (drums and other percussion instruments), bells, xylophones.

Length of Lesson – 45 minutes
Minimum number of students – 5; maximum – 10

“Believe it or not” – (Nataliya Bondar) games with elements of yoga. For children ages 2 to 5 years old.

The teacher instructs children to represent a character from a story, a letter of the alphabet, an animal or a bird. Thus, the children participate in a “Yoga-Game” in which they learn basic yoga movements and establish proper breathing.
The goal of these exercises isn’t the perfection of the poses, but rather the ability to be aware of one’s own body and to relax muscles. The children will do stretching, endurance, strengthening and balance exercises.
The lessons will be accompanied by simple, pleasant melodies, both sung and played.
These games teach children attention, concentration, and self-control.
Additionally, the games will allow the children to let out any extra energy in a stimulating and safe manner.

Length of lesson – 30 minutes
Group of 5-10 children