The School Preparation Program is designed for children from 4 years and 9 months to 6 years old (TK – K grades) and includes reading, development of speaking skills, math, logic, music, theater, dance, and English.

The program consists of:

  • russian alphabet and penmanship
  • counting forward and backward, basic geometric shapes
  • reading and writing
  • solving math problems
  • logic and critical thinking
  • science and nature.

The lessons are designed to be fun and exciting, helping the students grow their vocabulary and exercise hand muscles and work on fine motor skills as they get ready for writing. During the lessons on speaking skills development, the children will describe paintings, memorize poems, solve riddles, and learn to rhyme.

The main goal of the English class is to teach the children to understand simple spoken English, and to instill in them certain conversation skills. Beautifully illustrated textbooks and workbooks, audio files, learning traditional English songs and nursery rhymes will aid the young children in their learning the basics of the English language, and later, to easily adapt to their new school of your choice.

During math lessons, the children will get a head start on addition, subtraction, counting forward and backward, and place value; they will learn about flat and 3D geometric shapes and solve arithmetic problems. Logic exercises will encourage the children’s development of their inquisitiveness, making predictions, finding cause-and-effect connections, distinguishing similarities and differences in objects, and reaching logical conclusions.

The science and nature block is comprised of basic botany, zoology, astronomy, geography, etc. During the science and nature lessons, the children will find out about natural phenomena, plants and animals of different regions of the world; will become familiar with machines, mechanisms, and equipment; will study various materials and their qualities; and will learn about grown-ups’ occupations in the scientific arena. All these preparatory school components ensure a child’s future integration into today’s school world and his/her appreciation to the values of the educational system.