Time: 2 lessons per month, Monday 6-7 PM
Cost: $30/month
$20/month for children signed up for programs of Russian language and literature in Rossinca.

The reading club is an optional integrated lesson in Russian language and literature for children, who read Russian literature actively and well. The lessons will be held two times a month, and will last one hour each. The lessons will have educational and game components, presenting great opportunities for the development of the creative potential of a child and involving the entire family. Depending on the reading level and age of the group, we will choose texts for individual/family reading at home. During the meetings, we will discuss what was read, do role-based reading, solve mysteries and quiz each other, act out scenes and play charades, complete interesting assignments on Russian language and literature, introduce ourselves to both classics and modern literature, as well as to illustrators, while also attempting to write prose and poetry.