Age: children ages 5 years and older
Instructor: Karine Semerdjan
Time: Saturday 10:30AM – 1:45 PM
Cost: $295/month – 4 lessons
Type of program: educational

The Saturday program is designed for children who are not able to attend the center’s lessons during the week. It consists of 3 main periods, two of which are devoted to academic study of Russian language and literature, and the third is the application of the acquired linguistic knowledge to games and themed exercises.

The period of Russian language consists of specialized work based on several educational programs, all of which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Each 45 minute lesson is divided into 3 parts: study of the rules and norms of the Russian language (grammar and orthography), study of writing (calligraphy), expansion of vocabulary, correct grouping and usage of words, speech etiquette (speech development).

The period of the Reading club, in its 45 minute duration, aims to form and develop the children’s reading skills, ability to dive into the world of literature, to analyze texts, and to note the particularities of each genre. The program includes literary works in different genres of both Russian and foreign authors. The works that will be covered are selected by understandability, variety and interests of students. An important part of the lesson will be reading outside the classroom.

Themed lessons will vary weekly: culinary lessons, art workshop, physics, chemistry, biology, information science, and more. Each lesson consists of an informational/educational portion and an application of knowledge portion. The length of these lessons will be 3 hours and 45 minutes, including breaks. The cost of the program is based on 4 lessons per month. We will also provide a light snack.

The program includes required homework assignments, which include an hour and a half of work with help from parents and additional assigned reading.

Comprehensive program
Small groups
Socializing with peers
Professional instructors
Expanding mental outlook
Speech development