Citizen to citizen diplomacy is more important then ever

Beloved Families and Friends,

“Cultural Understanding + Sharing = Peace,” is our commitment to building bridges among our peoples and nations and this mission would seem to be more timely now than perhaps ever before.

The Russian Consulate, and its core of dedicated diplomats, have been true partners in enabling our communities, at home and abroad, to celebrate the tremendous traditions and beauty of the Russian-language cultures we treasure and share.  Through their many years of efforts, we are more connected across generations and offer our children a future they can embrace with the foundation of their shared culture understood.

We will miss our friends at the Consulate, for their friendship and wise mentoring, and so much more.

But, this is only the latest challenge to our dreams for citizen to citizen diplomacy, especially among our youngest and most natural diplomats, our children.  When the tasks of diplomacy become more difficult, we simply have to rise to the challenge by working harder and smarter, because peace is worth it.  Rossinca is apolitical.  We are, however, passionate in our mission to bridge cultures and show our children a future they can embrace with optimism and the desire to improve upon the deeds of their parents.

We have already reached out to our friends at the Consulate, past and present, to thank them for all they have been doing to support all of us for so many years.  We told each diplomat that “we are grateful for their service to join our nations in peaceful celebrations and will continue that tradition until they can return someday to us.”

Please consider the men and women you’ve met at the Consulate and, in the very short time they have been provided before their departure this weekend, let’s reach out to express our genuine appreciation for all they have done.  And, do please join Rossinca and the many other institutions in our region letting our Diplomat friends know we will keep building bridges and our shared dreams alive; we amateurs will keep on working to share our cultures and promote peace until the experts can return.

We are not discouraged, we are just more convinced we all have work to do together, now more than ever.


Natasha Venzon